Kotlin, the second official programming language for Android

Kotlin was being used in Android by Android Developers unofficially using libraries like ANKO. Yesterday, Kotlin was introduced as a second officially supported Android programming language in Google I/O.

Here are some links and resources to presentations and tools which I found useful for getting started with Kotlin for Android.

Here is an introduction presented by Wojtek Kaliciński which gives you a better perspective about how to use Kotlin in Android Studio 3.0:
Android Tool Time: Getting Started with Kotlin

I also found this presentation from Hadi Hariri in CERN a good resource to get up and running with Kotlin in about 45 minutes, I really encourage you to watch it.
Kotlin – Ready for production by Hadi Hariri

And finally download the new version of Android Studio 3.0 Canary from the official preview website.
Android Studio Preview Download

I hope these resources help jumpstart your next Android project using Kotlin and improve your productivity in Android Development.

همایش معرفی نرم‌افزار های مفید: جشن تولد ده سالگی فایرفاکس!


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